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What do you want from the money in your life?


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What Do You Want From the Money In Your Life?


A goal is something that you want so much you will make a real effort to get it. It’s a specific target at which you aim and shoot. An electronic game you would like to own can be a goal; so can the college you would like to attend.

Money is useful to meet your goals. Sometimes, all you need is money, like when your goal is to buy something. Other times, money is only part of what you need; if your goal is to attend a good college, you need good grades as well.

To get what you really want from the money in your life, it’s very important to set goals and know how much they cost. When you do this, here are some of the good things that happen:

  • You don’t waste money on things you don’t really want.
  • You can give up the things that are less important to get the things that are more important.
  • You can go on to the next goal when you reach your first goal.
  • You are happy even if you are working hard, because you look forward to the reward you know you will get.


Cheap and Expensive Goals

There are two types of goals:

  1. Short-term – things that you want right away
  2. Long-term – things that you want for the future

Some long-term goals might be going to college, buying a house, or opening a business. Some short-term goals might be buying a bike, going on a school trip or buying holiday gifts for you family.

Most long-term goals cost a lot of money. But so do some short-term goals. Many teenagers, for example, want to buy a car as soon as they get a driver’s license – a short-term goal, but very expensive.

Sometimes, you must give up short-term goals to reach your long-term goals. No one gets everything they want, but there is a way to get most of what you want. The way is to make a plan.




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